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  • Customers receive link to real time tracking from
  • Built for Drivers and Carriers

    ONLY $49 Annual Fee
  • Access our membership , where there are
    no broker fees
  • Get paid in 3 days
  • Everything done from the free mobile TaaP© App
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    Our Solutions Are The Answer

    We are solving the biggest issues that exist in the $200 billion freight shipping industry by focusing on the 900,000+ owner-operated trucking companies with less than 5 trucks. It’s now a technology game, and we are bringing big technology at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. We have created a membership load board that has no middleman & no broker fees added on. That means more money in the carrier's pocket. We also offer quick pay if a driver wants to get paid in 3 days!


    eMPower is the culmination of 30 years of operational experience and the development of a single platform to bridge the islands of technology that exist in today's supply chain market. Operations have always pieced together information from multiple sources to gain information that is essentially outdated by the time they require it, in order to make relevant management decisions to affect their flow of goods.
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    Quick Connect

    Connection to various software that supports complete supply chains is costly and time consuming. Our click and connect system has been designed for rapid deployment without the associated costs of long and extensive implementations.


    Data connections are routed to simple dashboards that tell you where there are bottlenecks or opportunities in your supply chain, such as port delays, vessel delays, capacity issues & in-transit delays. Our dashboard provides all of this information at an order, container & vessel level so you can quickly identify any issues that require attention.

    Customized Solutions

    Data and reporting can drive your business. Each customer is different and we get it. Our reporting, KPI’s and alerts are customized to your business. You outline critical reports and/or alerts and we build it into your daily routine.


    Our software sets the rules and we continually re-calculate ETA’s across the key events in the chain. So whether the order is on a vessel, rail, at a port, in customs, or on a truck, users can now get greater visibility as to when their products will arrive and then schedule ancillary actions based on that real time data to meet their delivery demands.

    Terminal Operations

    Real Time Tracking

    Connectivity to All Railroads

    Complete Global Visibility

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    The TaaP© App is designed to provide inexpensive access to shippers and freight providers with real time GPS tracking and updating to their clients. The TaaP© App connects to the eMPower load board for direct access to carriers and best rates.

    The Paradigm Shift

  • Predictive shipment analytics tied to must deliver by dates
  • In-truck tracking app for last mile visibility
  • Built in A.I. to continuously learn and improve your supply chain
  • Built in decision making to the order and its behavior
  • “eMPower allows our customers to integrate all of the data sources into one place for easy viewing, giving them the peace of mind that their business is in good hands. With eMPower I’m confident we have the.. leading-edge technology required to give our customers the highest quality of service and puts us in the best position to grow our business.”
    Lenny Glenn President - Mitco Global Logistics
    “Our relationship with eMPower has offered us and our clients two unique and valuable benefits:
    1) Our clients are able to see all of their shipments...
    through the entire Supply Chain on one platform using very accurate data. This saves them the time and effort of having to go to multiple places to get information that might not always be up to date.
    2) eMPower also gives us access to the smaller, independent truckers that are a huge part of the market in the USA, and who are often forced to work through brokers vs. directly with the client. Through eMPower they can connect directly, which saves our clients money and gives the trucker the option to get paid in 72 hours.”
    Joe Huss President - Supply Chain BEST

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