eMPower Connecting Supply
Chain Ecosystems.

eMPower helps transportation and logistics-related companies move beyond spreadsheets and siloed data sources to a centralized software solution that reveals key insights, real-time collaboration, and increased productivity. eMPower 2-way communication assembles data you can use to drive your business without having to merge files or share spreadsheets. Point, click and share fresh real-time data.

  • With the current market trends of delays on the water to shortages of trailers and multimodal resources, there will be a course correction to the supply chain market.
  • Visibility of when the freight will arrive within a window of a few minutes instead of days or hours will become the norm.
  • The predictability of when a shipment will actually arrive at the port, warehouse or at the customer will become a major factor in the future of supply chain.
  • eMPower has been designed to provide not only the tracking status of shipments and PO’s, but also peer to peer route arrival times. This allows intervention if necessary, providing the ability to switch modes of transport in order to make certain deadlines. Decision making processes will be based on real time data through dashboards and alerts, by linking all islands of technology in the supply chain to a single core system.
  • With over one million small trucking companies in the US, eMPower and our mobile tracking TaaP© App, allows these companies to give their consignees and shippers direct access to routes and ETA’s in real time at no cost to the trucker, and a small $5 fee per load to the shipper.
  • The eMPower Dashboard will be connected to the eMPower Load Board, where shippers can post loads at their price and truckers can claim them. This is a brokerage free load board. Truckers subscribe with a nominal monthly fee, allowing all of the revenue to go directly to the trucking company.
  • Small local fleets or owner operators can use the same technology for residential deliveries, letting customers know exactly when they will arrive. Customers can track their delivery in real time and make sure someone is home to receive it

  • Quick connect order entry
  • Plug and play connectivity
  • User friendly
  • Container level visibility from ship to shelf
  • Origin terminal
  • Receiving
  • Loaded on vessel
  • Sailed

    In one easy screen see your Global Supply Chain in real time. Drill down to search for any PO/Order/Shipment in your supply chain anywhere in the world.

    Search By:

  • PO
  • SKU
  • References
  • Vessel
  • Container
  • Trailer
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  • Department
  • Built on a universal platform, Truckers can download the free eMPower TaaP© application for thier mobile device and connect in real time to any participating shipper or consignee with updated ETA information. Now the largest companies and the smallest of organizations can use the same platform to increase visibility throughout their supply chain. Request Info

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